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Coffee table types and decorating ideas

by Brazil Away
coffee table

Center table. The secret to getting harmony and balance right is organization.

By Raquel Rossetto

Table, a word that derives from the Latin tabula, is the center of a meeting, where work is carried out in a kitchen, and where most of the meals and beautiful banquets are held.

It is believed that the coffee table was created in Europe, in Great Britain, during the Victorian era. In the beginning the tables were high, but over time they started to be low, inspired by the Japanese tea tables.

The coffee table, in addition to being a very important piece for the composition and functionality of a living and living room, also serves as a support. Always in the spotlight, they can be decorated with trays, art objects, books, vases with plants and flowers, candles, objects with history, small sculptures and decorative pieces.

The secret to getting harmony and balance right is organization. It is important to pay attention to the proportion between the furniture and the chosen pieces and the distribution and arrangement of the items.

One of the most flexible furniture in the room, the coffee table needs to fit into your environment and the rhythm of the house. Look for the ideal material to connect with the decor and with the people who live in the house. Do not wear items that impede circulation, which may cause discomfort in homes with children. Use the right materials for small spaces with lots of sunlight, resistant materials in rooms with more use and that need more practicality in everyday life, among others.

The coffee table is a blank page!

Decorate, change, create, invent, reinvent. Play with the adornments and pieces according to your mood and the theme of your day. Your coffee table needs to tell a story.

It is a great invitation for an aperitif table or a simple remote control stand. Does not matter! Leave your table busy and full of life, she will love to be the center of your home.

Wooden table, linen fabrics, sisal tray, plant pot, rustic materials that connect with nature, within the same concept. Result of a charming and cozy composition.

Items that make a difference on the coffee table

coffee table with books

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Black and white books, decorative boxes and differentiated objects. Geometric pieces and a monochromatic touch – Chic and sober!

Puff – The puff can replace the table or complete it!

transparent coffee table

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Transparency – Transparent, but not invisible, the glass table plays with objects from the floor to the top.

Circulation – Win circulation by losing corners! Round or oval tables favor the circulation of the environment.

coffee table

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Formats – Organic formats and of different heights. These tables, in addition to being relaxed, are very functional and create movement in the decor.

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