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Interview with Leo Anjos, Brazilian reference in entertainment in Maldives

by Brazil Away
Leo Anjos

In this edition, Brazil Away interviewed Leo Anjos, a Brazilian entrepreneur, an international reference in “Entertainment Host”. A party lover who now lives in the Maldives.

Leo Anjos

Photography: Brazil Away

in love with parties

Who is Leo Anjos?

A small, simple guy, with many dreams, born in Brazil, in Brasília. Event producer, currently living in the Maldives and passionate about parties.

How long have you lived outside Brazil?

I left Brazil 23 years ago, in 1999, when my family was called to diplomatic service at the Consulate General of Brazil in Miami. As I've always been a party guy, I was in the right place. I was one of the first Brazilians to promote parties at a night club in South Beach called LEVEL, and that's how my career began.

In 2006 I moved to Beijing where I continued with my parties and was a resident for many years at Salsa Caribe, one of the biggest clubs in the city.

I was also a producer at Casa Brasil of the Brazilian Olympic Committee in 2008. I moved to the city of Guangzhou, China, where we are well known for our samba party on Monday, and we have our famous Soul White Pool Party. I currently reside in the Maldives working with Vibe Entertainment, in addition to receiving several celebrities who visit us at the Hard Rock Hotel Maldives.

How is the experience of living in one of the most beautiful places in the world (Maldives)?

Here is a paradise, not just in the eyes of the tourist. I never get tired of appreciating the beauty of the island and I thank God every day for being here. It's my first time working for a hotel, so I had to adapt to the time zone, because I've always been at night and now I work during the day.

Every day we have different types of events at the hotel, both for adults and children. It's been 10 months since I got here and I'm living an incredible experience. Here is a place where there are many activities throughout the day, and the weather is very pleasant (lots of sun and quick rain). The place is so beautiful that we quickly get used to living here, not to mention the quality of life. It's a unique experience. We are a group called CrossRoads, opened 2 years ago, with 3 connected islands.

How does an Entertainment Host work?

Here at the hotel we follow a work routine that helps us a lot, as we have several events every day and a large team working together. There are several types of entertainment at the hotel such as Roxity, a kids' club, with lots of activities, dance classes, music, cooking, gardening, self defense (we are the only hotel where you can practice Jiu Jitsu at The Red Mat). We have yoga, pilates, aqua aerobics, aerial hammock, fitness dance, sunset party, pool party, beach party with dinner, band, barbecue, caipirinha and samba show, where our customers can interact during the parties. This for us is very gratifying, it shows that the work is worth it. Our greatest joy is to see the customer satisfied.

I always say I love what I do and I do what I love, I don't see it as a job and I have a lot of fun.

How did Leo Anjos become an international reference in this area of ​​entertainment?

I always fought and believed in my dreams. I managed to grow through a lot of effort and dedication, and thank God I've always been very successful with my work and with the parties.

I currently live and work for the Hard Rock Hotel Maldives. This year we will have a lot of news with Brazilian shows by famous bands and DJs. We had the first carnival with a float and dancers and it was so beautiful.

If you want to know a little more about my work and about the Maldives, you can follow me on Instagram @leoanjosmaldives I'm always posting everything that happens around here. I would like to thank everyone for being able to share this moment.

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