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Organize your home – inside and out

by Brazil Away

An interview with Yandra Loos @Personalorganizersg
By Brazil Away

When it comes to organizing your home, there's a lot of limiting belief involved!

First of all, don't think that seeking the help of a personal organizer to organize your home is assuming you are a messy person.

You're not the only being in the world who doesn't have time to put your house in order.

“Personal Organizer do I need to?”

organize your home

We all know this story: we keep shoving the paperwork in the drawer, “forgetting” the objects in boxes, shoving so many others in the trunk, and at the same time leaving the donations to deal with,om what needs to be discarded for later.

And what was supposed to be a place of comfort and rest ends up becoming more a focus of stress and anxiety. We started to avoid our own house!

Did you identify yourself?

I know the process is not easy, however, dealing with things is also dealing with memories, with feelings…but there comes a time when we need to face our mess!

Where does the mess come from?

History only has a chance to change when you and your family understand how the process of disorganization in your home begins. And each house is a case!

It all starts with a conversation for the Personal Organizer to know what your day-to-day and lifestyle is like. That way it will be easier for him to understand his and his family's difficulties, and then propose an organization system that works for everyone.

Why involve the whole family when organizing your home?

If you live alone, it may be easier to keep your surroundings in order. However, when sharing the house with other people, it is necessary that all residents are aware of the new organization system and manage to keep the house always in order together.

It's not about grooming!

The aesthetics of the result of an organization work is beautiful! It is eye-popping to see the items separated by size, color, season…

An organized closet gives a feeling that even our clothes are more beautiful, morganization is more than that!

In storage, items are simply stored, sometimes even hidden!

When you decide to organize your home, things are put in their proper places, following techniques that aim to make the best use of spaces and eliminate the time of searching.

If in your house, for example, it makes more sense for each bedding to be in its own room and not in a single closet, this is how these items will be organized.


The focus of a professional in organization is to generate independence and, above all, autonomy for their clients. You don't hire a personal organizer to go home every week to organize your things! Ideally, once an environment is organized, the professional does not have to return every time to redo the work.

Of course, depending on the circumstances, it may be feasible to establish a maintenance plan. This is especially true in the lives of expats who live on the move! But know that, even in these cases, it is possible to establish a model that can be replicated at each new address without, necessarily, the presence of an organizer.

“Personnel focus Organizer is generating independence!”

What is “organizing your home?”

An organized home is easy to manage, clean and care for!

    • It really is an abode, a shelter.
    • It works for and not against the family.
    • It generates free time.
    • It generates economy. In fact, knowing what you have at home avoids duplicate purchases and the waste of products.

Pandemic times, home and organization!

Currently, the pandemic has sent everyone into the house and rubbed it in our face that we have no control over a lot. The good news is that we do have control, at least, over our home!

I know that these times have required a lot of goodwill to deal, in the same space, with personal and professional life, and in the same way to deal with a house full of people, demands, anxieties and joys.

Of course, I'm biased to talk about the benefits of including a professional organizer in your life. I saw my own life change after I adopted the organization techniques myself.

Check out the benefits of investing in this service to organize your home at least once in your life!

  • When organizing your home, everything becomes much more practical and functional, as you can find your clothes, shoes, or whatever, in a very short time.
  • Some experts claim that when we organize our things and the environment around us, we also organize our lives. This is because people have more time to take care of themselves, take care of their health, read books and publications that are useful for their careers, in addition to establishing and implementing goals and objectives for their life.
  • With the mess gone, the feeling of relief is enormous, making time spent with family or work much more productive and of more quality.
  • In economic terms, we can only win. We will hardly risk paying an overdue bill or tax by forgetting where the invoice was. We won't buy an outfit unnecessarily, only to realize that we already had an identical one at the back of the wardrobe. It may seem little, but all in all, it can cause a hole in our budget at the end of 1 year.
  • The person feels that they have more control of their life and thus have more self-esteem. The accumulation of things can cause stress and anxiety. With everything properly organized, this tends to decrease or even disappear.


Yandra Loos

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